New Breeding’s

Von Hogg Slayer has been bred to Cream Pie



Assassin has been bred to Termite




Assassin has been bred to Wisdom


Drako has been bred to Hershey’s Kiss Only females Available.





Planed Breedings going down soon

Bianca x Von

Deacon x Rolex


More Schedule breedings for 2024 will be updated periodically so Always Stay Tuned. I Always have Something Different Going On that No One else on the Planet can Put Together That’s what makes me different!!! It takes an Extraordinary person to own an Extrordinary Dog. Ordinary just blends in. Thats the Facts. 

Text (931)248-5632 to Reserve Your Baby Camelot 



People Want Value they don’t want cheap junk that doesn’t turn out. Remember all puppies look great it’s what they turn out to be when they grow up that matters!!!




If you want to get on one of these Amazing Breeding’s  You Can reserve a puppy today. The deposit is 1K.

I’m Creating Breedings that will Carry the Camelot Pits Bloodline on for another 20 Years. We are Producing dogs that know one else can. 

We’re in Beast Mode here at Camelot !!!

Stud Service Available through Frozen or fresh semen. Stud fee for Outlaw is $25,000. Stud Fee for Drako or Smokey is 10k. Some Studs 5k. Semen is like gold once its in the tank!!!



Smokey  x   Just wait & See




Check out the Puppy Page for Puppies Ready to go.   Different Combinations Different Prices



This is the only place you can get a Direct Son or Daughter off of Word Famous Camelot Pits Outlaw.



Ready for your very own Camelot then Dont  procrastinate and miss out on your new family addition. They go fast. Payment Plans Available. You just have to ask. I will work with you to make Your Dreams of owning a Baby Camelot Come True!!! 


Reserve your Baby Camelot. Deposits being accepted on all Breedings


We breed for the Deepest Red gene pool. We do our best to eliminate any white gene. Weve been doing a great job eliminating white dogs & red dogs with Dudley noses. A Dudley nose is considered a Major Flaw. The white dogs seem great when their young but as they age the problems come out. Im speaking about my own experience with the white dogs that I produced back in the day. The white dogs go def & blind. Snowman went bling. Pimp Juice went def. China white became both def & blind. Those were the last white dogs I produced & that was decades ago. You have to respect someone that recognizes the flaws in his program & eliminates it. You wont see any other breeder being honest like this. Stay Woke!!!






No Cash Refunds. Deposits can be moved to a different breeding. Puppies are required to be paid in full by the time they reach 6 weeks old. This way everything goes smoothly as planned. We do a lot of shipping.  There is a lot of coordinating. I hope you all understand. I have a system that works.

We do Not accept cash. Payment is required before pickup.