Camelot Pits Chief DNA-P
Sire: Camelots The Duke
Dam: Brewsters Pebbles

Chief was the Beginning of the Bloodline. He was the 1st Pure Breeding made from a half brother sister breeding. His father Camelot’s The Duke was NOT a Bloodline. Duke was ScatterBred. Ben Reyes Produced The Duke NOT Art Siderius. Art Bought Duke from Ben. 

Pedigree of Camelot Pits Chief

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE Camelots The Duke  Kubar’s Golden Bud  Bryant’s Kubar
 Ruth’s Golden Girl
 Camelots Blaze Maxine  Pools Max
Pooles Coco
DAM Brewsters Pebbles  Squire Davis Scooter  Martins Red Eagle
 Prides Red Dixie
Camelots Blaze Maxine  Pools Max
 Pooles Coco

Camelot’s The Duke