K9 Fitness Mills Made by Camelot Pits 

SlatMills for All Breeds of Dogs

A Slatmill is a free spinning treadmill used to exercise dogs aerobically & promote endurance,stamina & lean muscle tissue. This is a great tool to use for all breeds of dogs with lots of energy and drive. Especially living in a big city where it has become hard to find a place safe to let your dog burn off that extra energy. The weather outside dosen’t dictate whether you can take your dog out for a run. You can now do it from the inside of your home whether its raining,snowing or sunny. You’ve got it covered!!!  

I am manufacturing my own design. Its a New & Improved version of an old classic design. My mills are welded steel. They are built TOUGH to Last with no maintenance. I take a lot of Time & Pride in making my belts for my mills. Its the most important part. SlatMills for all Breeds 2,500. *Reserve Yours Today* 




Camelot Pits K9 Bullet Collars Starting at $175  Available in 2 inch wide and 3 inch wide. Shipping Included in USA. International Orders Shipping is not included.



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