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  1. Most beautifulest red nose Pitbulls! Absolutely love your dogs and the line you produce. Amazing animals with great looks and three years with my boy is 100% proof in it all!!! Camelot is the way to go!!! Great job and don’t stop doin what your doin!! Can’t wait to get a female from you!!!

  2. Thank you. We are looking forward to getting you that Awesome female in the near future.

  3. I’ve fallen in love with your Outlaw. Then I recognized some older pictures of your dogs like Smuggler. My husband has told me a lot about your dogs so now I’m obsessed. I love the stories behind the bloodline and appreciate the breed. I plan to purchase one from you before I die lol.

  4. Best dogs ever my soul is 100% satisfied love every inch of my puppy he is an amazing beautiful dog very loving and smart his coat is ensane beautiful details,rare and one of a kind i couldn’t be any happier thank this line with my whole life forever be my favorite 🙏🏼

  5. Awesome dogs . Sound, big boned. Awesome is the only word to describe them. I had gotten my boy from kenny 15 plus years ago. He was sired by chief. I miss him so much was the best dog i ever had been thinking about finally getting another dog and kenny and his family is the only place id get a pit from again. Thank you again for the dogs you produce and the memories me and my daughter have because of you guys

  6. I had a dog out of your bloodline his name was Oakley he live 17 year and it destroyed me when he passed. But I wait on some money to come in and I’m going to get 1 maybe 2 dogs from you. You are the only person that I will buy another pitbull form. Thanks for all the loving memories from Oakley. Hope you have some puppies when my money comes in.

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