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  1. Most beautifulest red nose Pitbulls! Absolutely love your dogs and the line you produce. Amazing animals with great looks and three years with my boy is 100% proof in it all!!! Camelot is the way to go!!! Great job and don’t stop doin what your doin!! Can’t wait to get a female from you!!!

  2. Thank you. We are looking forward to getting you that Awesome female in the near future.

  3. I’ve fallen in love with your Outlaw. Then I recognized some older pictures of your dogs like Smuggler. My husband has told me a lot about your dogs so now I’m obsessed. I love the stories behind the bloodline and appreciate the breed. I plan to purchase one from you before I die lol.

  4. Best dogs ever my soul is 100% satisfied love every inch of my puppy he is an amazing beautiful dog very loving and smart his coat is ensane beautiful details,rare and one of a kind i couldn’t be any happier thank this line with my whole life forever be my favorite 🙏🏼

  5. Awesome dogs . Sound, big boned. Awesome is the only word to describe them. I had gotten my boy from kenny 15 plus years ago. He was sired by chief. I miss him so much was the best dog i ever had been thinking about finally getting another dog and kenny and his family is the only place id get a pit from again. Thank you again for the dogs you produce and the memories me and my daughter have because of you guys

  6. I had a dog out of your bloodline his name was Oakley he live 17 year and it destroyed me when he passed. But I wait on some money to come in and I’m going to get 1 maybe 2 dogs from you. You are the only person that I will buy another pitbull form. Thanks for all the loving memories from Oakley. Hope you have some puppies when my money comes in.

  7. I have owned Pit Bulls all my life but I have to tell you this is the best dog I have ever owned! I have a grandaughter and he is so very gentle with her and very protective! He is so smart the phone was ringing in the other room and he went and got it and brought it to me not once but twice so far! LOL Anyone wanting a one of a kind bloodline and a gorgeous dog not only on the outside but on the inside I highly recommend getting a Camelot Pit!!!

  8. Was referred to you by my boyfriend will be getting a female pup this summer your dogs are awesome

  9. Hello

    I’ve been following you guys for decades. It doesn’t surprise me you’re still in business. I look forward to one day owning one of your dogs… I am a Resident Manager in NYC and right now where I live is not the place for a Camelot Pit…. God willing I will soon move to my house in CT and things will change… Keep up the impeccable work you guys are doing….

    God Bless you and your love ones…

    P.S I requested to follow you on instagram – tldnyc

  10. Your dogs are absolutely beautiful. I’m looking for one for our family. So pretty tho..

  11. Love your dogs and the blood looking to get a pup into future what is the price

  12. Hi my name is omar im forma Veracruz, México i have a nice camelot breed, i was asking me if mabe we can make a preayect, you have nicly dogs

  13. I can do better then that.I can make you a Purge or a Wisdom. I’m repeating the breedings that produced them. Text me

  14. Would love to get a dog or two from y’all, Love the look and drive I want to start own kennel here in okc that focus on good hog dogs WOULD LOVE TO bring start with y’alls bloodline.

  15. yoo great dogs, here in the caribbean not much like that.. hope one day i can ship one down..

  16. Thank you for what you do and the love you show for this amazing breed. Your dogs are truly exceptional.

    Be blessED.

  17. Hay big brother from another mother dogs are looking amazing and I can’t wait to stop and see ya when I head back to Florida in about a year.

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