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In Life There Will Be Many Great Competitors, Only A Few Live On As LEGENDS.  Here at Camelot Pits We Produce Legends!!!.

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We know what you want & we Deliver... Here at Camelot Pits, we Now Offer the Best of the Chevy Bloodline also. Our goal is to continue to produce the Finest Quality Dogs Generation after Generation & to also do the same for our Clients. We are honored that so many Kennels are basing their entire yard off of our dogs..




Quality Matters!!! The Best Test For a Working Bloodline is Time. Chevy is The Best Cross Ever for the Camelot Bloodline. Chevy gave me a New Engine, More Bone &
Most Importantly A More Stable Dog!!! When you Look up the Chevy Line, Look up SPAULDING'S Chevy Red Dog. That is the Strain that I INCORPORATED into My Bloodline. Chevy Red Dog is in THE GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS for The Strongest Pit Bull Ever!!! That Means A Lot !!!!!! When you hear Rival  Kennels say that they have two Camelot Bred Dogs & act like they are the only ones on the planet that have what they have & try to push you away from the Source. You would have to ask yourself Why?? I'll tell you why Because if you get a Dog from me What I am Producing Today within ONE YEAR you will have Better Dogs then them. Their scared of that. You will Pass them up & leave them in the Dust. Its not my fault that they don't have the funds to Hang with the Changes. Here at Camelot Pits We Are Big Enough to Serve & Small Enough to Care!!!
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