Check out the Breeding Page to see the New Breedings we are expecting in May 2020.              Reserve Your Camelot Baby today.



If You want to get Started on the right foot in these Red Dogs. You are at the Right Spot. A Camelot has All the Right Ingredients. I am the Original Seed That Made This All Happen. I made these dogs. I did not buy them.These Dogs Look like This from My Creations. If you look at anybody’s Red Nose Pits that Look Good. I Bet Camelot is in it. Its not the other way around.  PROSPECTS Are Available as well as Puppies & Adults.

Puppies Due Very Soon. Check Out Our Breeding Page for our New Breedings that will soon be here. Reserve a puppy today.Deposits are being accepted.

Puppy price is $3,500 to 5k




Text me at (931)248-5632 To Reserve Your Puppy

We Have Adults Available & Ready to Go. We also do trades on anything that Does NOT Eat. Example: Car,Truck,Motorcycle,Ranger,Razor,      Welder or Tractor. 

Semen Available on Studs.

I Also do Ai”s. We will meet at the Vets Office & the Vet will do the AI.

I Always have Something Special Going On.  All You have to do is Text Me at (931)248-5632. Not all dogs are on the website so you Must Text & Ask

I Am in the Business to Sell Dogs. I’m not going out of Business. Its about money so lets talk real bucks not fantasy. Dont waste my time because if you do it will affect our relationship. If you dont have at least 5k or something of at least that value dont ask about buying a Grown Dog. That would be the starting price. If your buying into a business its not cheap. I do not have swap shop dogs. Never have I co owned a dog. That is for the broke click. Pregnant Dogs available 4-sale as well. Do the math before you give a ridiculous offer. This is serious business &  I only want to deal with serious people. Guys ask your wife first and ladies ask your husband first. You read this right. Im willing to sell a pregnant dog. Thats the best advice I can give someone getting into the business. Taking all the gambling out of it. If I was just starting out thats exactly what I would do. I do not know of any other kennel that would offer this because their to greedy. Thats one thing that Im not and Im going to prove it. 


Puppies must be paid in full by 6 weeks old. No Refunds.