Camelot Pits Lexis
Sire: Camelot Pits SpiderMan
Dam: Camelot Pits Chevette

Pedigree of Camelot Pits Lexis

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE Camelot Pits SpiderMan  Camelot Pits Smuggler  Camelot Pits G-Mo
 Camelot Pits BB Red
 Holt’s Georgia Holt’s Lazlo of Big Heavy
 Ellis’ Magie May
DAM Camelot Pits Chevette  Dela  Cruz’s Chevelle  Spauldins Chevy Red Dog
 Williams’ Tosha Lynn
 Untouchabulls Chata  Camelot Pits Red Rum  aka Untouchabull’s
 Untouchabull’s Bella