When it comes to my Stud Service this is how it will work. First You Pay in Full for my service. If you come to breed we do the service at my Vets office. Fresh semen pulled right there and an AI is done on the female. If you need the fresh semen shipped you pay for the shipping. I will no longer allow anyone to my yard. It has to be done like this do to a Horrible experience I went through with a drug addict named Chris H. from Michigan. He pops pills like candy do to his motorcycle accident. He came and I bred my dog to his female.She was people aggressive. She had to be muzzled. She did not conceive because he came down to late. This is what his kennel buddy said on the internet. I agreed to do the service again even though he came at the wrong time and it was his fault totally.Six months later he came back early this time so he wouldn’t miss it. Let me get to the point. The dogs were together 10 days. Eight of those days he stayed in my house. The dogs were together 24/7. We even went to South Florida together to a dog show. Thats Right we went to a dog show together in Daytona Beach Florida. Remember folks the dog lives in Michigan in the cold. It was winter time so he brought a dog from the cold to Florida in 90 plus degree weather. Walked the beach all day for days right after she was bred. She got Super Hot not once not twice tons of times. I cant count how many times she laid down and quit walking and Outlaw kept going. Let me tell you right then and there I knew I didnt want anything from the Bloodline she was from.They are the definition of Man Biting Curs.There cur dogs and they turn on their owners. I did a little research after the fact and found out its already happened. When they get a little older like 7 thats when they click and turn on their owners. I dont have dogs like that. He stayed in my hotel room. You see he had no money. That is why he stayed at my house in the first place. He only had enough money for his first two nights in Tennessee. He wasnt planing on staying longer. Me with the big heart I have I did over what I should have done for a stranger. She didnt take again. I told him go ahead and breed her to your friends dog and see if she will take next time. Well he gets on the internet and Blasts on me that I fucked him $12,000. The stud fee was $5,000 which was Only paid One Time. When his mouth is open he is lying. He called my wife and left gun shots on her voice mail. That’s the end of the story. Now this changed me and the way I will do Stud Service. If anybody else wants to get on the internet and slander me with lies I will put the Truth out and crush you with the truth. There is No debate. I bend over backwards to make things right. I’ve always taken the short end of the stick to avoid conflict. In my entire career Ive studded out my dogs less then 10 times. My kennel never ran off of stud fee’s. Also to Add to the Madness. I found out that he is a FAKE KENNEL. He has ONE Dog but has a Website with multiple dogs that are Imaginary. He has Business cards but no business licence. He has T-shirts and hats with his Fake Kennel. Just because you have been on the internet for 10 years Dosent make a person a breeder. He has just been on there pretending and trying to make dog friends. Now I was Fooled. I wounder how many Cyber Kennels aka Breeders with absolutely No Credentials are among us. All they are is really just Key Board Banger with a fancy camera going around taping real dogman’s yards and wasting our valuable time.Be Careful. No one deserves what I’ve experienced with this joker.